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Is your office kid friendly? Is this a family dentist?

Dewey Dental is a family practice, and we love treating patients of all ages, especially kids! As a father of five, Dr. Nathan Bulleigh knows that children have unique needs and need to be approached in a gentle, reassuring way. He takes his time with children because he knows that the first few visits set the stage for the way they'll feel about dentistry for the rest of their lives. Starting kids out by taking our time and working at their pace will ensure that they continue to have a positive attitude about taking care of their own oral health.

We like to see children as early as one year old or when the first baby teeth appear. Baby teeth are essential for proper dental development, so we must keep them healthy and intact until they’re ready to come out on their own. As soon as your child is comfortable with us, Dr. Bulleigh will examine their mouth and begin to monitor their dental development and check for any signs of decay.

If your child does need dental work, please don’t worry! In addition to being extremely gentle with children, we also offer safe, calming nitrous oxide. All your child needs to do is sit back and inhale, and in a few moments, they’ll start to feel very calm and comfortable. Many children who would not otherwise be able to receive treatment benefit from nitrous oxide.

If it’s time for your child’s first appointment, please call Dewey Dental. We look forward to welcoming both of you to our practice!

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