Crowns & Bridges

Damaged or missing teeth aren’t just unattractive, but they can also be uncomfortable and even painful. Restoring your teeth to their full, natural function is an important part of maintaining your oral health.

Dental crowns provide support and protection for a damaged tooth; bridges fill the space left by a missing tooth and are held in place by crowns and dental implants.

Dr. Nathan Bulleigh wants to be your partner in achieving optimal oral health. Dental restorations like these help us accomplish that goal because they provide stability and restore tooth structure. Whatever your concern, our experienced team of professionals will take the time to listen to you, discuss your treatment options, and help you make the decision that best suits your needs.

When Is a Dental Crown Used?

Dr. Bulleigh will recommend a dental crown to protect your natural tooth and support its structure when it’s been compromised by decay, disease, or trauma. In most cases, a crown is also needed after a root canal to strengthen the tooth and protect it from further damage. Another case where we would use a crown is to restore function to a dental implant. Since dental crowns cup over the existing tooth, they function just as a natural tooth, allowing you to speak and eat normally.

Aside from restoring function, porcelain crowns look beautiful and natural and are also exceptionally durable. We want you to be thrilled with your new dental restoration, and Dr. Bulleigh has the experience and expertise to create custom-made crowns that blend perfectly with your smile.

Placing a dental crown starts when we prepare your natural tooth so the restoration will fit naturally. Next, we take impressions of the prepared tooth that decide between to a custom dental lab where your crown will be fabricated. During the process, our experienced team of professionals will help you choose the shade that matches your natural teeth perfectly. You will leave with a temporary crown, and about two weeks later you will return to Dewey Dental to your final crown placed.

Why Do I Need a Bridge?

Replacing a missing tooth is extremely important for your oral health. A missing tooth is unattractive and makes chewing and speaking difficult. Surrounding teeth will naturally shift and move into the empty space left by a missing tooth. This movement can cause your teeth to become misaligned and may eventually lead to problems like premature wear, teeth grinding, and even TMJ.

A dental bridge consists of a natural-looking replacement tooth called a pontic that fills the empty space. It is held securely in place by crowns placed on adjacent teeth.  

Please Call Us for an Appointment

Dr. Bulleigh and his experienced professional team at Dewey Dental are committed to staying current with advances in dentistry because we want to provide our patients with superior service and the most efficient techniques available. Please contact our office for a consultation so we can discuss your needs and help you make a decision about treatment options.